Game mechanics

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Game mechanics by Mind Map: Game mechanics

1. Modes

1.1. Multiplayer

1.1.1. LAN

1.1.2. Mouse and keyboard/ Xbox controller Co-op Harder than single player More enemies Sub-modes Separate upgrades Same screen 4 player Versus (Score based) Split screen Spread over multiple levels Versus One player sends enemy ships to kill the other player

1.1.3. Keyboard only Co-op Asynchronous 2 player

1.2. Single player

1.2.1. Levels mode

1.2.2. Infinite mode Hiscores Enemies get progressively harder

2. Enemies

2.1. Ai types

2.1.1. Attack type Aiming Aims weapons toward the player Directional shooting Only fires in one direction Multi-directional shooting Fires in multiple directions at once Collision Trys to ram the player Explodes on impact Knockback Support Heals Increases damage Increases defences Tracking Fires projectiles that track the player

2.1.2. Movement type Evasive Trys to dodge player shots Group Trys to group with other enemies Defensive Surrounds and protects a bigger enemy

3. Player mechanics

3.1. Customisation

3.1.1. Weapon choices 2 Weapons for most ships Control More than 2 weapons for some ships Fixed weapons only past first two Control Types Fixed Energy Projectile Missile Other

3.1.2. Ship choices Different amount of weapon slots 2 as standard Different stats Hull Bonus damage Stealth Shields Armor Speed

3.1.3. Upgrades Ships One or more unique upgrade per ship Hull Shields Armour Base weapon damage Stealth Speed Weapon type damage increases Weapons Damage Rate of fire Amount of projectiles per shot Piercing One or more unique upgrade per weapon Armour piercing Shield piercing

3.2. Progression

3.2.1. Achievements Rewards ships and weapons

3.2.2. Hiscores Online scoreboard

3.2.3. Unlocks Ships Side-grades Weapons Side-grades

3.2.4. Levels Get Exp in all modes Persistent over single player all modes Bound to ships Used for upgrades

3.3. Currency

3.3.1. Global Used to unlock ships/weapons Gained in all modes Bound to save file