ZEUS: an interactive fiction story

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ZEUS: an interactive fiction story by Mind Map: ZEUS:  an interactive fiction story

1. Plotline 1 - Stopping the fall of the US

1.1. If Zeus chooses to get involved with Hermes and Apollo from the beginning, there is a chance to put a wrench in the works against the Dark God's plotting.

2. Overarching Antagoist Plotline

2.1. An old, dark, chaotic god wants to return to prominence and power in the world, with the end goal of destroying most of humanity. It manipulates some of the mythological immortal gods (Greek, Egyptian, Norse?) to forward his plans. The gods being manipulated don't know that they're merely pawns in a greater plan

3. Plotline 2 - The fall of the US

3.1. If Zeus chooses to get involved after his hometown is attacked, the fall of the US is in progress. You can either ultimately try to stop the endgame and lessen the impact on the country, or focus on the survival of the small group of mortals and/or immortals who are gathered under your wings.

4. Plotline 3 - US has fallen

4.1. Zeus's main involvement in the story doesn't happen until the US has fallen as a whole. He's probably got a small group of survivors he's watching over, but something or someone draws him back in to fighting for the greater good.

5. Story

5.1. You are Zeus, former ruler of Olympus, living in the modern age as a US Marshal named Zachary "Z" McAllister. You return to your "hometown", a small town tucked away in the mountains of Colorado. When you arrive, you have breakfast at the diner and catch up with an old friend. Afterwards, you're about to leave when a stranger appears.

5.1.1. A. Stay and meet the stranger You decide to stick around a few minutes to see what the stranger is here for. Turns out, he's your son Hermes and he's looking for you. Hermes has been searching for family at Apollo's request, who is trying to gather everyone together. He asks you if you will come with him.

5.1.2. B. Leave and get some rest You're worn out from your 13+ hour drive, and you decide to head on home. A few days later, all the power mysteriously goes out in the town, and all phone calls to the power station go unanswered. A. Volunteer to check the power station B. Stay in the town