Causes of the World War II

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Causes of the World War II by Mind Map: Causes of the World War II

1. Political Aspects

1.1. Treaty of Versailles

1.1.1. Hit Germany in all the aspects, left it without army, money and territory.

1.2. Italy's invasion in Ethiopia

1.2.1. More territory for Italy

1.3. German's invasion in Czechoslovakia

1.3.1. More territory for Germany

1.4. Japan's invasion in Manchuria (China)

1.4.1. More territory for Japan

1.5. Inefficiency of the League of Nations

1.5.1. It turned a blind eye to Germany's, Italy's, Japan's agressions towards other countries.

1.6. Munich Conference (Germany, Italy, France, GB)

1.6.1. Appeasement for Germany and Italy after their respective invasions, so that GB and France wouldn't be attacked

2. Economic aspects

2.1. Great depression in 1929

2.1.1. Left Germany with a lot of social discontent and gave Hitler the opportunity to enter the government.

2.2. Dowes Plan (USA - Germany)

2.2.1. USA took the debt from Germany

2.3. Debt of Germany after the WW1

2.3.1. Germany had to pay 6,000 million euros fot the damages of the war.

2.4. Expansionism

2.4.1. Germany invade other countries, with the propuse of expanding their territories and getting more row materials.

2.5. Japan invades Manchuria

2.5.1. Japan wanted to remove western influence in China and replace it with Japanese domination. ( imperialism from Japan)

3. Social aspects

3.1. Nationalism

3.1.1. Germans belived that they were better than everyone else.

3.2. Facism

3.2.1. The use of hate to unite people.

3.3. Treaty of Versallies

3.3.1. The treaty of Versallies was very unfair to Germany. This cause a felling of humillation between the Germans.

3.4. Conditions of living, unemployment.

3.4.1. With the Great Depression, the people wanted a change, this lead to a totalitarian regime.In Germany, Hitler took the power.

3.5. There was no collective security.

3.5.1. There was no security and organization from the League of Nations, which created a sense of insecurity between the people and this feeling was intensified when Mussolini attacked Ethiopia.

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