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Honesty by Mind Map: Honesty

1. The quality of acting honest.

2. Speaking the truth

2.1. Personally, I may speak the truth and be honest to my family. For example: I might say I had bad grades in school to my parents.

3. Opposite: Lying (BAD)

3.1. Lying is the opposite of being honest.

3.2. We lie all the time. About people, things, events

4. Hard to decide

4.1. Hard to decide whether to be honest or lie to your family and friends. You never know what it's going to end up with.

5. "To kill a Mockingbird"

5.1. In chapter 19, Bob Ewell accused Thomas Robinson of raping Mayella Ewell which didn't actually occur so it wasn't honest.

5.2. Eventually, Bob Ewell's lie of accusing Thomas Robinson ended him up of destroying his credibility.