Information Literacy

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Information Literacy by Mind Map: Information Literacy

1. Evaluating Information

1.1. No Editor of the Internet

1.2. Be aware and evaluate sources

1.3. access to countless sources of information

1.4. know when, how, and why info should be used

2. Big 6 Information Processing

2.1. Task Definition

2.2. Information Seeking

2.3. Location and Access

2.4. Use of Information

2.5. Synthesis

2.6. Evaluation

2.7. Location and Access

3. Professional Development

3.1. Scaffolding

3.1.1. Clarity, Expectations

3.1.2. On-task

3.1.3. Reduce disappointment and uncertainty

3.2. Teacher Preparedness and Willingness

3.2.1. Teachers must be willing and prepared to work with and understand technologies

3.2.2. Not a magic pill that solves everything

3.3. Training and Investing in the future