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BarCamp Wellington Egovt by Mind Map: BarCamp Wellington Egovt
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BarCamp Wellington Egovt

Top 10 Things for Government Webmasters

Validate your page

Use microformats

Why dont we do it now?, Not enough time, Not enough money, No CMS, Old CMS

Stop the rot

We need a better way to create, manage and publish content, Open source CMS !


Testing, testing, testing, Try to break it

User feedback


Usable forms

Only current information OR put all information!

Put a date in the metadata, to allow better filtering


RSS on way out

ATOM is new standard

Only 2/34 govt websites have RSS icon

Get more granular, allow local news

Website compression

Analyse your website to see possible performance gains, Trademe is compressed, Stuff could get 330% improvement, could get 217% improvement

How to do compression

Visual design - look nice


Sites still look nice with web standards

Improve workflow

Collaborate with content people

Use the namespace brand will help with recognition over time

Review site statistics, metrics

Page views are a bad metric, Distribute your information, let others publish it

Search engine optimisation

Test google search

Fix your website search

Market your website

Just follow the web standards

No PDFs only

Multiple style sheets for different mediums

Access keys

Fix your metadata, Put Subject first in the Title, not the Organisation name

Richer content is to be encouraged, Accessible graphics and information, Fewer pictures, more words OR more pictures, less words!



Trademe feedback


Vendor / Government



Real-time government Networked government

Nanny government, Proving your age at a pub

No more pieces of paper

Prove yourself online, realtime


Uniqueness, Individuals, Who?, DIA/NZers, Birth name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Gender at Birth, e-Passport !, DoL/Immigration, How?, Identity Verification Service (IVS), EoI Standards, Organisations, Who?, MED, How?, Organisational Verification Service (OVS)?, Issues?, Role-centric, Cows, Who?, MAF, How?, National Animal Identification System

Governments, Trusted internationally, Authoritative, Guaranteed?

Seperate identity from authentication, Not an identity card!, Proof: Share your authentication key, Unique to NZ, NZ context, We are different, don't copy the rest of the world

Distributed "The People"




Does not guarantee privacy


Silos enhance privacy

Information sharing, User in control, Attribute Assertion, 1. User asks Service Agency for service, 2. Service Agency asks User for fact, 3. User tells Attribute Agency to release fact, 4. Attribute Agency gives fact to Service Agency, Compliance, Data matching, Data matching, Lawful, User trying to avoid, Unpaid taxes, Unpaid fines, Student loan

Enables society to do more with less knowledge

single source publishing


doc - > odf -> anything

unlocking content from word processor tools

Word as a scratchpad

space and place

passionate places

collaborative stories on places

Open Source




purchasing policy

national framework, legislation, protection of IP

international policy level, eg OOXML, we have a role in the world, as vaguely independent, and thinking deeply

some apps don't have an opensource equivalent

participating without having to join a huge corporate

though shalt consider opensource

DRM policy

G2009, will this be run more openly, SSC will probably do it this time, and SSC can only influence, not compel

syndicated procurement, there is one for Novell

auditor generals office has 'gone opensource'

Intertia is a problem


the utility of it, are they equivalent

cost of licencing

ideological, this does have traction


awareness of ideological issue is a distraction

documenting the objections

economic question is more important

there are some things we have to do ourselves

reliability, google runs on it

legal risks, is it actually a risk?, noone's every been sued as an individual

perception of the user experience being poor, has tarnished the perception

so how do we have an open selection process

this changes the nature of a purchasing effort


creative commons

need something similar for user data

identity commons

social networking contract manifesto

can we do this in the NZ context?

control of user data in the hands of the users

OpenID identify provider

I can see my identity agreements in one place

and shift my data from place to place


security architecture


privacy architecture

duplication is bad

needs dispute processes

if we could agree on a single source, we could link to it, halve the cost to the tax payer

govt looks after your most initimate records

shifting my medical data

convenience vs big brother

who do you want to do this?, do people care enough about it, for it to become a policy issue

place of birth, date of birth

Mike's URN, chooses to publish his address to the world

your address

ACC rape records

negative identity

verification service

checks and balances

sovereignty, you can take govt to court, applies to private sector too

if your data is offshore, sovereignty doesn't apply, software as a service, infrastructure and data can be offshore, can we choose where it's hosted, moko on models in Paris, from pictures on Flickr, cultural loss not monetary

what other social constructs exist


to use mindmeister

wouldn't have to create an account

open id provider service

how does it relate to NZGLS?

conceptually could integrate the two

but reputation issue


Simon Willison

dick hardt

is an openid provider, that lives on your machine, not on the network, a password manager on steroids