The Time Machine

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The Time Machine by Mind Map: The Time Machine

1. Eloi

1.1. Used to be the upper class

1.2. Small, physically weak, lack intelligence, have really short attention span

1.3. Live in a "perfect" world --> don't have any problems --> don't need to use their knowledge & brain to solve problems

1.4. Diet: fruits

2. Morlocks

2.1. Used to be the working class

2.2. Still have strength & intelligence

2.2.1. Since needed to survive

2.3. Feed on the Eloi- cannibalistic

2.4. Lives in underworld- hates light like fire

3. Time Traveller

3.1. Invented time machine

3.1.1. Traveled into future Tries to get time machine back Saves Weena Loses her in the forest fire

4. H. G. Wells

4.1. Book shows consequences of class division