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Web 2.0 at UC by Mind Map: Web 2.0 at UC
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Web 2.0 at UC

Data Driven

Systems not just static files on a server

UC's Strategic Publishing Systems

Can't be data driven if you ain't got the data

Managing Risks

Evolution not revolution

Do things in stages but with an overall plan. Use properly managed trials to evolve policy and practice.

The right participation model

Governance and Process

Put in place some policies and governance mechanisms first. Be able to respond to likely problems effectively.


Educate those involved about the pifalls - don't just let them stumble into them. Its new territory. Give lots of examples of good practice.

Good advice

We're not the experts here! Involve good internal and external expertise to get the right advice. Don't just go it alone. Partner up with the right people.


Online Communities Strategy, Web, T&L, Infrastructure ...

UC Online Communities

They exist!

Illuminate group example - we're connected to many online communities

Power of the crowd

leveraging of the efforts of many.

Participation not control

UC does not control its wikipedia entry

UC Online Communities Concept


Intranet to UC Staff Community

Clear direction for our intranet - full participation model. Distinct in focus from our internet.




Systems share data

Don't have to install everything locally!

Leverage off the work of others

Google Maps

The Web is the Platform

Doing things .. not just reading about it

Email now Webmail

Moving towards Software over the web

Google Apps

Don't haeve to install locally

Better Interaction



The save to watchlist button used to refresh the whole page - now the button itself just changes in a fraction of the time. This is revolutionary!

Joy of use - not just usability

What is Web 2.0?

T&L Applications - covered by Derek