Human Diversity and Speciation

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Human Diversity and Speciation by Mind Map: Human Diversity and Speciation

1. Is Religion Sustainable?

1.1. What are consequences of abandoning religion wholescale?

2. The Specialized Human

2.1. Cognitive

2.1.1. Different Cognitive Styles

2.1.2. Dramatic Differences

2.1.3. Speciated Values (you might as well be relating to dolphins)

2.1.4. Necessary for the Uberbody

2.2. Genetic

2.2.1. Aquahumans not just content to being aqua, hybriding with dolphins or other complex marine life Sub-species of aquahumans bioluminescence

2.2.2. Underworld Humans

2.2.3. How much does speciation follow natural genetic adaptations/inclinations?

2.2.4. Methuselahs - the new Elven race

2.2.5. Wolverine-like warriors

2.3. Adaptability

2.3.1. We are already so adaptable, why would we speciate?

2.3.2. Self-imposed speciation to become more highly specialized

2.3.3. Technology starts driving speciation

3. Optimal Uberbody Population

3.1. What is the upper limit

3.2. What are the core functions/organs that make up the uberbody

3.3. Giant floating seqoias

3.3.1. may have started off as something different in form

3.3.2. humans are just a small part of the sequoia conspiracy

4. Time Scale, when do the first uberbodies launch?

4.1. Mars ~100m Years at Least of Development to get to Space Exploration - big natural disaster

4.2. Venus 100k to get back to Space Exploration Mode and self-destruct

4.3. Earth - how long are we here until the uberbodies?

4.3.1. lots of interesting history around "now"

4.3.2. a few centuries and the first uberbody launches

4.3.3. first networking attempt (lyla and mae) happens a decade or two from now

4.3.4. interim time period - play with quirky collapse scenarios and the interplay of intelligent speciation becoming predominant on earth (the new mammal)

4.4. Pre-history is when we really get to play with large timescales

4.5. Have to work in mysterious and profound ancient civilizations

4.5.1. mohenjo daro

5. Extinction

5.1. the human predator that preys on the human herd

5.1.1. what adaptations would this species need to prey on humans?

5.2. Humans start filling in the niches that we have caused to go extinct

5.3. What if technology reaches a certain point - it blooms into a meta-ecology

5.4. Cities as the new forest