Collaborative Project Ideas

Collaborative ideas using VoiceThread

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Collaborative Project Ideas by Mind Map: Collaborative Project Ideas

1. VoiceThread

1.1. Author Study eg Julia Donaldson

1.1.1. Teacher posts a discussion question and students comment

1.1.2. Other classes in the school/Cluster contribute further questions/discussion.

1.1.3. Different classes create their own voicethread based on a different book.

1.2. Teach a game

1.2.1. Video or photograph the class playing a favourite outside game.

1.2.2. Students provide instructions to match each photograph.

1.2.3. Other classes have a go at playing it and record comments or questions.

1.3. Reflections on Art works

1.3.1. Use photographs of student art or works of an artist

1.3.2. Students reflect and comment

1.4. Inquiry

1.4.1. Compile photographs based on new inquiry topic.

1.4.2. Students record their questions or what they already know about the topic. Other classes in the school contribute.

2. Comic Life

2.1. Continue the story