Integrated Curriculum: Tadpoles to Frogs/Toads

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Integrated Curriculum: Tadpoles to Frogs/Toads by Mind Map: Integrated Curriculum: Tadpoles to Frogs/Toads

1. Math:

1.1. How many flys did your frog/toad eat?

1.2. Multiplication: Your frog/toad eats this many flys each day. How many will he/she eat in a week/month/year?

1.3. Measure your jump, (from game).

1.4. Estimate jumps for game. After Jumping was your estimate right or wrong and why?

2. Science:

2.1. observe a tadpole turn into a frog

2.2. Compare a frog and a toad to a tadpole.

2.3. Compare toads to frogs.

3. Creative Arts:

3.1. Frog/Toad masks for frog hop game

3.2. draw stages of tadpole to frog/toad

4. Reading/Books:

4.1. Frog and Toad book series

4.2. Flora the Frog

4.3. Flashy Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs

4.4. The show and Tell Frog

4.5. Frogs

4.6. Toad by the Road

4.7. Frogs and Toads

4.8. Frogs and Toads and Tadpoles too!

5. Social Studies:

5.1. Learn about Frog City Rayne, Louisiana. Why are frogs so important here? Where is Rayne, Louisiana

6. Movement:

6.1. Frog/toad hop game. (Leap/Frog)

6.2. Frog vs. Toad Tic Tac Toe

6.3. Jump Frog/Toad Jump and see how far you can (measurement)

6.4. How many Frog/Toad Jumps? I designate a length, students estimate how many jumps it will take them to get from A to B, then jump. Estimate wrong or right? Why?

7. Writing:

7.1. A frog hops into your classroom, what do you do?

7.2. Compare Frog and Toad from storybook series.