Spring is Here

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Spring is Here by Mind Map: Spring is Here

1. Math

1.1. Students will make a model to represent a given whole number 0 through 20. (using seeds) State Standard MS1C1PO1

1.2. Students will sort objects according to observable attributes. (sunflower seeds, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, peas) State Standard MS5C1PO1

1.3. Students will model addition through sums of 10 using manipulatives. (flower manipulatives) State Standard MS1C2PO1

2. Reading

2.1. Comprehension

2.1.1. Students will demonstrate comprehension of story structure by identifying the setting and characters in a story. (The book, The Rain) State Standard RS1C6

2.2. Phonics

2.2.1. Students will demonstrate application of phonics by producing short e cvc words. State Standard RS1C2PO3

2.3. Fluency

2.3.1. Students will read with appropriate accuracy and rate. (The book, Spring in the City) State Standard RS1C5

2.4. Concepts of Print

2.4.1. Students will distinguishing between a letter and a word in a sentence. (The book, Spring Rain) State Standard RS1C1PO5

2.5. Phonemic Awareness

2.5.1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of phonemic awareness by identifying how many syllables are present in given words. (Spring Vocabulary cards) State Standard RS1C2PO4

3. Science

3.1. Students will identify that plants and animals need the following to grow and survive: food water,air and space. State Standard SS4C3PO2,

3.2. Students will describe changes observed in a small system ( plant). State Standard SS4C3PO3.

4. Writing

4.1. Students will use print around the room to write independently. State Standard WS2C1PO3

4.2. Students will write about their plant's growth in their journal writing. State Standards WS1C2PO1

5. Social Studies

5.1. Students will demonstrate application of expository text by using information from non-fiction text to answer questions. (The book, Spring Jobs) State Standard RS3C1PO2, RS3C1PO3

6. Art

6.1. Students will use materials, tools, and techniques appropriately in his or her own artwork. (make flowers out of tissue paper, construction paper,markers and glue). State Standard BVAS1C2PO002

7. Music/Movement

7.1. Students will perform basic movement combinations to act out a plant growing from seed to flower. State Standard BDS1C2PO103

7.2. Students will exhibit singing voices by singing spring songs.(Out in the garden and Flowers everywhere) State Standard MS1C1PO1