Mind Mapping for Kids

Mind Mapping for Kids: How Elementary School Students Can Use Mind Maps to Improve Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking helps elementary school students develop higher-level thinking and improve their reading comprehension using mind maps and eight reading comprehension strategies.

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Mind Mapping for Kids by Mind Map: Mind Mapping for Kids

1. Book synopsis

1.1. Mind maps + 8 reading comprehension strategies

1.2. Reading comprehension & critical thinking

2. Book features

2.1. 50+ mind maps

2.2. 10+ different mind mapping programs

2.3. Guest mind maps

2.4. Extra downloads for MMFK Insiders

3. Part I: How to Mind Map

4. Part II: Concise Reading Method (CRM)

5. Part III: Mind Map Examples & Templates

6. The 3 Little Pigs Case Study