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Weather: Rain by Mind Map: Weather: Rain

1. Math

1.1. Use Rain Gauge to get measurements and journal them.

2. Art

2.1. 1. Create thunder with carboard/paper

2.2. 2. Create a rain stick to get the sound of rain (using cardbord tube and rice)

3. Writing

3.1. 1. Use think maps to describe the rain

3.2. 2. Use a daily journal about weather

4. Science

4.1. Create a Cloud using a sponge

4.2. Make a rain gauge

4.3. Effects water has on plants

5. Reading

5.1. Read Stories about rain

5.2. Can it Really Rain Frogs? by Spencer Christian

6. Movement/Music

6.1. Sing/Play songs that have rain in them (ex. Rain, Rain, Go Away)

6.2. Have students create their own rain dance

7. Social Studies

7.1. Learn about the Native Americians and the rain dances they performed. Show video.