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More Users

Encourage reuse - reach out to current users

Send message on recent updates

Regular activity overview by email (example LinkedIn)

Hook up Twitter to Facebook -

Improve Facebook page

Matches for you

Measure usage

More detailed stats

Google Analytics targets

Sign-Up flow

Reach out to unclaimed accounts

Facebook notifications

Reach out to new users



Power users





Second Life

Improve explanation on

Better copy

Conceptual walkthrough (video?)

Announce public roadmap

Reach out to users with unsupported services

Vote+notify on release of support for service X

Digital space

Viral Campaign, Social media, Delicious,Reddit, Digg about updates, Photo Competition, Upload pictures on Myspace or Flickr or other, Videoclip

Digital events

Wikipedia article

Update LinkedIn

Set up profile on every social networking site

Physical space

Conferences and events

Newspapers, interviews