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Year 9 Homelessness Project by Mind Map: Year 9 Homelessness Project
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Year 9 Homelessness Project

As everyone has begun to research homelessness, your group should pick a task from the right..

Discuss who is researching a similar element - all ok with Diigo?

1. In groups, come up with a prezi or powerpoint presentation to explain homelessness etc

2. Brainstorm ways your group could help the homeless - raising money etc. Work with Group 5 to make this happen.

3. Use Mozilla Popcorn Maker to create video explaining homelessness in Spain -

4. Set up a debate to be recorded. This will be played to class, and class comment via todaysmeet.

5. Find a Spanish homeless charity. Find out what they do and how you can get involved. Contact them and explain the project must be English-based.

Pick an area of homelessness to research in more depth.

Make sure that although they are related, you are not researching the same as anyone else in your group.

How are you going to research this? What different websites will you use?

Think about WHY you are researching this particular thing - how is it going to help your group? Discuss with others.

What will we need to successfully complete our task?


A contact telephone number?

Technology? - what and how?