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Safa by Mind Map: Safa

1. Use Prior Knowledge

1.1. It is important to consider what Safa already knows

1.2. Use basics to draw from and expand on

1.3. Allows Safa to make connection from what she already knows to what she is learning

2. Celebrate Cultural Diversity

2.1. Classroom consists of students froma variety of different cultures

2.2. Safa enjoys teacher aided oral presentations where she can teach her classmates about Afghanistan

2.2.1. Shared information

2.3. Safa enjoys using the computer to write journal entries about her family

2.4. Enjoys teaching her peers about the country she came from

2.4.1. Taught the class about a religious holiday her family celebrates called Eid.

2.4.2. Brought in samples of special occasion clothing

2.5. Classroom Potluck where students brought a food from their culture

2.5.1. This activity helped to introduce the different cultures of the students, while learning about that country or culture

2.5.2. Promotes diversity and equality

3. Accommodations/Modifications

3.1. Voice record books and send home for Safa to listen to

3.2. Create work based off the curriculum, but expectations are modified in order to accommodate her particular needs

3.2.1. Safa relies on assistance in all subject areas

3.3. Include examples of each student's culture and language within the classroom

3.3.1. Have examples of books, posters etc.

3.3.2. Gives all students the ability to explore new cultures and expand their knowledge and understanding

3.3.3. Bilingual resources Eg. books Could ask Safa to bring in books fro home demonstrating her native language and culture

3.4. Safa learns best through visual examples

3.4.1. Provide all learning experiences with a visual or pictoral element

3.5. Promote partner, and small group activities

3.5.1. Allows Safa to interact with her peers as well as providing experiences to practice writing and speaking

4. Learning Skills / Strengths

4.1. Bases most of her learning from visual cues

4.1.1. Uses this strength to present power points with the aid of the classroom teacher

4.2. She responds well to questions or directions

4.2.1. She requires a pictoral element as well as verbal accompaniment to do so

4.3. Recognition of the English Alphabet (both written and computer based examples)

4.3.1. Safa responds well to computer based tasks where she is asked to find specific letters, and she enjoys practicing copying letters and simple words on teacher created worksheets

4.4. Can read simple sentences (with help from a teaching aid), and can recognize some frequently used words

4.4.1. Safa records frequently used words into a notebook to use for reference

4.4.2. There is a co created word wall within the classroom to aid with word spelling This word wall helps Safa with recognition of words as well as a reference to how they look and should be spelled

5. Safa's Interests

5.1. Use her interests to create and plan activities

5.2. Create assessment based on things she is familiar with

6. Family

6.1. Parents, older sister and two younger brothers

6.2. Parents are very involved with Safa's learning

7. Language / Support Group

7.1. Connect with others from the same home country of Afghanistan

7.2. School community has 2 other families from Afghanistan

7.3. Homework tutor

7.4. Classroom ESL support: 2 hours daily

8. Bilingual Material

8.1. Provide options in Safa's first language

8.2. Have activities where Safa can demonstrate and illustrate her culture and language to the class

9. Extracurricular Activities

9.1. Swimming Lessons

9.2. Homework Tutor

9.3. Introduces Safa to new experiences and acts as a way to become more social

10. Partnerships

10.1. Parents and school

10.2. Parents and teacher

10.3. Safa with her peers

10.4. Parents and community

10.5. Safa and her ESL teacher

10.6. Safa and her classroom teacher