Who--and What--Has Rights?

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Who--and What--Has Rights? by Mind Map: Who--and What--Has Rights?

1. eating plants?

1.1. cruel to fruitarians

1.1.1. eat an apple when it falls onto the ground

2. eating humans?

2.1. Most people are omnivores.

2.1.1. eating food out of their respect for it eating wild animals eating wild fish eating endangered animals panda

2.2. cannibal

2.2.1. eating humans is common.

2.3. eating a plant and not a human

2.3.1. should not kill thinking, feeling animals

2.3.2. Different humans and animals have different rights.

3. human rights

3.1. slavery

3.1.1. still common in parts of the world

3.2. freedom of expression

3.2.1. the United States one of the most important rights abridging the freedom of speech a redress of grievance

3.2.2. Canada People cannot spread hate and lies.

3.2.3. China the abuse of human rights tied to development to raise the quality of life A stable society is more important.

3.3. the rights of women

3.3.1. limited part of her husband's property going to school, go out alone in public, to drive a car or to vote be paid less

4. Different views on rights will continue to be debated.