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#dbicc09 by Mind Map: #dbicc09
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Carter Keynote

Trying to put digital and knowledge economy on map at centre of things

Some of the headlines not useful in understanding the report


BBC and funding

What does this mean for gov't


Q & A


Lots of how we used to live stuff to demo how far we have come and how hard it is to predict

"How can business develop the right products and services for the future?"

TSB set out stall re developing markets and a "climate of innovation"

TSB has a book

investing £1bn over a 3 year period. Fits with New Industry New Jobs agenda

Cross disciplinary

One streategy for business innovation in creative (& cultural?) industries

"Digital Testbed"

Content is King

Andy Tait (Pembridge)

Jonnie Turpie, Maverick

Will Perrin, Talk about Local

Jason Hall, Screen WM

Toby Barnes

Q: If we're better at content than engineering, should we be investing in that instead? (John Kirk)

Q: (lady from Warwick Uni) Why are we separating content and infrastructure - tech is creative too

Q from Marc Reeves "West Midlands has worst record of entreprenerialism in the Uk: can social media reverse that?" (paraphrased) - @marcreeves

Empowering People in the Digital Age (Chair: Stephen Dobson)

Mustafa Shevket (Matthew Bolton College)

Helen Milner (UK online centres)

Michael Ryan

Stephen Dobson

Q: Si Whitehouse: offered case studies from Digital Birmingham regarding community engagement

"If there was one thing to take back to the minister what would it be?"