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Teachers as Bloggers by Mind Map: Teachers as Bloggers
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Teachers as Bloggers

Suggestions, for editing map. if using URLs Please use the URL Link tool ( black arrow in a white circle. If adding long bits of text please use  Notes tool (white text icon) Both will show up in as  their respective icons in the Nodes and show previews when the mouse is placed over them. It makes Map easier to manage as the maps grow. I will edit to this effect in some in this and the other 2 maps to help this. please don't think your work has been edited out! Theo

Writing styles

Brand / blog loyalty


Positive interactions

Negative interactions

Be consistent

Make it yours - don't just repeat other people

Audience & objectives

Who are you blogging for?

Why are you blogging?

Staff working in/advising in schools

Can you create an audience?

Readers are people, not institutions

Blogging codes


4 Golden rules


Attract viewers


Search engine optimisation

Dealing with issues




Ensure school is aware of blog (if writing about school)

Practical tools

Windows Live Writer



hosting images/videos - Flickr/Vimeo to embed into Blog