Gala 09 Graphic Needs

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Gala 09 Graphic Needs by Mind Map: Gala 09 Graphic Needs

1. web

1.1. gala

1.1.1. ticketing design page design ticket ad vip/regular/free tickets need prices for showclix setup food options send list to lynsie

1.1.2. gala section designs sections - one gala featured without liNKS nav code event details page RSVP/Purchase page sponsorship section after party and live stream theme - work on this concept

1.1.3. homepage banner

1.1.4. friends and partners section wait till fall

1.1.5. live feed contact sponsors ustream IC site

1.1.6. email blast - when?

2. print

2.1. gala

2.1.1. print needs contribution envelope insert with donation info plain envelope, nice paper regular envelopes - 300 mailer invite price folder with wafer or enevolope hand written invite note send to printer program look up sizes and prices - 300 sponsorship packet check out custom sizes, etc send logo specs 8.5 x 11 - 30 seat names figure out mail merge with indesign or ask about handwriting 300 table number waiting on cater if they have them tables give merch giant photos and possible artwork general info table displays wall displays (10 foot wall with foam board images) featuring all the refugee stories section contact companies about clarity work crane idea in small annual report folders professional design 8.5 by 11

2.1.2. budget print needs - waiting on responses

3. social media

3.1. gala

3.1.1. facebook event graphics

3.1.2. blogs

3.1.3. *privy banner graphic

4. video

5. work flow

5.1. qualify some volunteers - failure

5.2. inquire networks on freelance

5.3. decide which projects would be outsourced

5.3.1. myspace page

5.3.2. press release