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Assessment Ideas in Adaptations and Management by Mind Map: Assessment Ideas in Adaptations and Management
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Assessment Ideas in Adaptations and Management

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Report Card Considerations

This is a place to consider what impact assessment has on the report card and how, if at all, practices may differ for exceptional learners.  

Use IEP goals to determine grade

Use Pass-fail system

use a standard that effort, patience, attitude and progress weigh more heavily

Include some notation that the standard was different, either by a note on a reports card or record the grade in a differnt way-cirlcing the letter awarded.

make no grading modifications

establish a formal contract with the student

Nestablish progress as improvement over last yearew node

double-standards approach

Types of Adaptations

Modify Tests

Test Taking Strategies to Teach


Note-taking strategies

Adaptations for Notes

Teach note-taking skills and strategies

Teaching to the Notes

How to lecture or provide direct instruction that is note-taking friendly.


Curriculum-Based Tests

Any evaluation that relates to the school curriculum.  Examples would include spelling tests, chapter quiz or test, etc.  (Mastropieri & Scruggs, 271) 

Curriculum-Based Measurement

Curriculum-Based Measurment is normally formative.  It is an assessment that is repeated freequently to see if improvement is being made.  In elementary school many times there will be timed reading or math tests and progress is recorded over time.  (Mastropieri & Scruggs, 271) 

Performance Assessment

Performance Assessments apply or construct what they have learned in a real life situation.  An example would be rather than taking a quiz on looking up, finding, and checking out a library book, the student would actually go and do those steps.  In a Spanish class a performance assessment could be ordering in Spanish at a local Spanish restaurant. (Mastropieri & Scruggs, 271) 

Portfolio Assement

Portfolios collect assessments over a period of time.  Some example of items that would go in a portfolio would be writting samples, videos or recordings, projects, etc.  Portfolios allow for multiple ways for students to show comprehension and also document progress over time.  (Mastropieri & Scruggs, 271) 




Qualities of Good Assessments



Universal Design For Learning



Increase Choices for Students

reduce distractions


Universal Design Learning

Universal Design For Learning Four Attributes Include

Writing Papers

use notes from lesson outline

allow students to use alternative manners of presenting papers, for those individuals with disabilities who will not be able to write or type papers.

teach specific steps in the paper-writing process