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Gospel according to Johnny by Mind Map: Gospel according to Johnny
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Gospel according to Johnny

就稱作「尊尼福音」吧!得此六技旁身,無懼職場百變: 見招拆招--There is no plan. 取長棄短--Think strengths, not weaknesses. 捨己隨人--It’s not about you. 鍥而不捨--Persistence trumps talent. 錯有錯著--Make excellent mistakes. 留下掌印--Leave an imprint. 繼 Free Agent Nation (2001) 和 A Whole New Mind (2005) 之後,現今講論「自由人」概念最具代表性的作者 Daniel Pink,在他的近作 The Adventures of Johnny Bunko (2008)宣告以上的信息,對今日的打工仔來說,這不是福音是甚麼? 更 可愛的是,書中的 Johnny Bunko 並非甚麼大人物,而是一個虛構漫畫故事的主人翁--在美國,以漫畫形式出版打工指南,這還是破天荒的第一次。好奇心的驅使下,我終於賣了一本,一口氣看 完。意外地,不單感覺出奇良好,更發現原來只要言之有物,漫晝本是極具說服力的表達媒介。 結論嗎?首先,本書的指引,清晰明快,一步到位,加上故事趣味性強,對忙得連睡覺都沒有時間的朋友,十分值得推薦。 此外,本書最適宜用作打開話匣子的素材,假若透過讀書小組來研讀,藉以帶出參加者的個人故事,同時引入各人對世界大勢以及週遭環境改變的了解,可讓學習變得更豐富. 爲此,特別搜集了一些相關資料,在附上的導想圖/Concept Map 中列出,供小組討論之用。  

Johnny Bunko's six lessons of satisfying, productive careers

1. There is no plan: Don't be rigid about planning out each step well in advance . . . It's not possible. 2. Think strengths, not weaknesses: Build on what you're good at (Peter Drucker talked a lot about this) and avoid relying on what you aren't good at. 3. It’s not about you: Focus on what you can do for others (start with the boss) rather than what's in it for you. 4. Persistence trumps talent: Keep at it. Practice makes perfect. 5. Make excellent mistakes: Take on big challenges and learn from the experience. 6. Leave an imprint: Only one life. Make a difference.

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A Mckinsey Study on the shifting workforce in the US and its new opportunities

According to a 2005 McKinsey Quarterly article on the "The next revolution in interactions" (here - requires subscription), 70% of all the jobs created between 1998 and 2004 in the US were tacit jobs that require judgment and experience! And their pay is 55-75% higher than that of transactional and transformational workers. And the main reason the balance has been tipping is that all other jobs can easily be automated or outsourced.   For a brief summary to this and another more recent Mckinsey article: Interacting for Competitive Advantage, see the linked article.

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