Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men by Mind Map: Of Mice and Men

1. Characters

1.1. Lennie

1.1.1. He has mental problems and has to be guided by George and depends on him

1.2. George

1.2.1. Is the guardian of Lennie and is like his older brother, but gets annoyed by how he always has to guide Lennie

1.3. Slim

1.3.1. Is a very skilled ranch worker and is known as the boss of the ranch. Everybody looks up to him for advice. He is very quiet but understands George and Lennie

1.4. Curley's Wife

1.4.1. Is a 'whore' and basically gets ignored by everyone and no one ever talks to her so she is very lonely and depressed.

1.5. Candy

1.5.1. is a very old ranch handyman who lost his hand in an accident. He offers money to George and Lennie so that he could be part of their dream land

1.6. Candy's Dog

1.6.1. is a smell dog that gets killed by Carlson

1.7. Curley

1.7.1. is a very aggressive welterweight that enjoys fighting people bigger than him

2. Questions

2.1. Why didn't Candy kill his own dog?

2.2. Why did George kill Lennie?

3. Conflicts

3.1. George vs Lennie

3.1.1. Lennie depends on George to take care of him and George is tired of it because of how much trouble he can be. George just wants a normal life so he resolves this conflict by killing Lennie.

4. Ideas

4.1. Segragation

4.2. Friendship

4.3. Sympathy

4.4. Hope

4.5. Responsibility

4.6. Loneliness