Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution by Mind Map: Industrial Revolution

1. More Effects

1.1. Gap between men and women

1.1.1. More jobs were offered to women, this upset the men, and they did everything in their power to change that. Because the women were being employed, this created a gap between the men and women, as the men felt they were superior.

1.2. Prices

1.2.1. Because the job was done faster and more efficiently, the prices of goods decreased.

1.3. Education

1.3.1. At the beginning of the revolution, the education system suffered because the factories needed workers, and families needed money, so children dropped out.

1.4. Government

1.4.1. During and after the industrial revolution there was more government involvement for citizens. The conditions of the factories during the revolution were horrible, and this brought the citizens out to fight for their rights. In order to gain what they wanted, they joined/involved themselves in the government.

1.5. Salespersons

1.5.1. Because people were paying for these goods, they wanted to make sure they were perfect. They wanted to pick them up, and check them thoroughly. Because of this salespersons needed to be hired to ensure that the shops weren't be stolen from, and that if the costumers needed help, there was someone there to do so.

1.6. Presentation

1.6.1. As new types of products were being produced and sold, shops were being opened up as well. Goods were presented in a fancy manner, especially in England. Goods were displayed on tables for costumers to look at and touch.

1.7. Advertisement

1.7.1. Advertisement was created as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Companies wanted the general public to know about their products, so they made posters, flyers, etc.

1.8. Variety

1.8.1. Because the machinery was so efficient, and much more advanced than previous times, they could be designed to make new and different designs on all types of products, especially clothing.

1.9. Quality

1.9.1. The machinery was designed to create perfect products, and that's exactly what they delivered. The workers were trained to not mess up. Fear was instilled into them, making them work perfectly.

2. Causes

2.1. unsanitary conditions

2.1.1. strikes

2.1.2. complaints

2.1.3. death

2.1.4. sickness

2.2. natural resources (coals, iron, etc.)

2.2.1. energy to run factories

2.2.2. energy to run trains

2.3. agriculture revolution

2.3.1. landowners revolted, didn't allow people to farm on their lands

2.4. new ideas

2.4.1. new ideas brought about new machinery and therefore jobs

2.5. new technology

2.5.1. new technology and improvements were being created everyday, this helped the process of industrialization

2.6. greed

2.6.1. countries (mostly England) wanted more so therefore they expanded their horizons by going to different countries to gain more resources to improve industries

2.6.2. as industries grew people increasingly became hungry for money and therefore moved to cities (rural to urban migration)

2.7. new transportation

2.7.1. the use of trains made transporting cheaper and faster, which reduced costs

2.8. simpler, easier life

2.8.1. people wanted to make money for what they did at home (making clothes) so they opened up shops to sell those items with the use of factories

2.8.2. because product costs were now cheaper people could afford more food, which allowed families to prosper, and therefore have more children (population boom)

2.9. more jobs needed

2.9.1. women hired

2.9.2. children hired

2.9.3. gap between men & women

2.10. market

2.10.1. the revolution grew more and more because people around the world heard about the fantastic products in Britain

2.10.2. increased trading

2.10.3. more money for Britain

2.11. capital

2.11.1. there was enough money to spend on new products and machinery

2.11.2. new products created therefore more money coming in as lots of people wanted these new, improved, and cheap products

3. The Revolution

3.1. The revolution happened because of many different causes. People wanted new products, products that were perfect, and new machinery provided that. The improvements in the new and more efficient machinery changed the world. More people wanted their hands on it, and more people wanted their hands on the goods being produced.