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Imerril Lithos by Mind Map: Imerril Lithos
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Imerril Lithos

background story

A sickly elf

house lithos, was supposed to be a highly ranked member due to his lineage, too weak to be up and about, something of an outcast

scholar, he had rad all about the world in books, too weak to actually experience it, the magics of house lithos could barely keep him mobile to move from his home to the library, He studied magic, read about it powerful rituals that required too much vitality to perform, then one day..., he acquired a book, Chronicles of the Far Past, it was written in an ancient script, took several years to decipher and read, detail the magic of ancient civilization, older than even the elves, this magic required none of the user's own vitality, all it required...was the blood of strangers, Immeril could borrow the vitality from others to give himself strength, use that vitality to explore the world and experience life., things never go as planned..., Immeril performed the first ritual on his mentor, Casquel Lithos, Far from "borrowing", the ritual killed his mentor outright, trapping his soul inside a "fell rose", fel rose, roses whose petals are imprinted with the face of the trapped soul., He was able to keep Casquel's death secret, filled with a new power, he went out into the world., What a grand time he had!, He made a great many new friends among the young races, that vitality drained quickly, he was barely able to make it back to his home., he needed more vitality, he found a victim from another house, a fellow scholar who he had worked with for decades..., with new vitality, immeril took his rightful place within house lithos and fully began to manage his affairs., He wouldn't be able to keep stealing victims from his own house, however..., Immeril became an emmisary to other kingdoms, travelling far and wide, immeril seeks to delay his rituals as long as possible., he actually does not wish to hurt anyone, but there is a garden of roses with faces that speaks to his need for vitality., voices now whisper to him when it is time.

motivations & goals

To experience life!

make friends

be successful

gain influence

to do this means...

Feeding the FarPast entity

the farpast entity has started to dictate more and more who is that must be killed and trapped into a fel rose., to imeril's consternation, more and more it chooses those he befriends, FarPast entity is trying to keep him alone and isolated as his power grows.

Immeril has a secret garden of these roses, murmuring and moaning underground for release, when the garden grows to a sufficient size...

combat tactics

Imerril is not much a fighter

Even as a mage, he knows mostly rituals

His one ability he has picked up is to summon abominations from the fel roses.

he keeps a few roses on him at all times for protection

plays as a "summoner" villain, bringing these twisted FarPast abominations forth from the rose.

adventure hooks

"Blighted Emissary"

Players are