Ad Agency 2010

Revenue from mass media advertising continues to decline as advertisers push into digital. While it's not clear how the story ends, it's clear that many ad agencies will need to develop new revenue models.

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Ad Agency 2010 by Mind Map: Ad Agency 2010

1. Traffic/Logistics/Billing

2. Planning & Engagement

2.1. Planners service agency clients and develop consumer engagement strategies utilizing conventional media and social media tools. This can include PR as well as more traditional ad planning.

3. Media

3.1. Conventional media

3.2. Digital Media

3.2.1. Web

3.2.2. Cell

3.3. Social Media

3.4. Web Analytics

4. Content

4.1. Print

4.2. Digital

4.3. Video

4.3.1. TV

4.3.2. Web

4.3.3. Cell

5. Research + Evaluation

5.1. Traditional Research

5.2. Cloud Communities

5.2.1. online research communities

5.3. Conversation Search

5.3.1. Free Tools ex.

5.3.2. Paid Tools ex.