Central Processing Unit

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Central Processing Unit by Mind Map: Central Processing Unit

1. Output Devices - used to present information from the computer in audio, video and graphic formats

1.1. Monitor Benefits - standard output device, included with each computer Challenges - none

1.2. Printer Benefits - standard output device, quickly generate class materials for all students Challenges - possible physical space limitations

1.3. Speakers Benefits - greater fidelity and volume than built-in computer speakers Challenges - potential space limitations.

1.4. Headphones Benefits - allow for private study session on a computer station Challenges - requires multiple units so all students requiring private study can be served.

2. Input Devices - used to input audio data, video data, graphics and control signals into the computer

2.1. Keyboard Benefits - standard input device, included with each computer Challenges - none

2.2. Trackball Benefits - more precise control, well-suited for those with limited arm mobility Challenges - might require a USB hub depending on other devices in use.

2.3. Mouse Benefits - standard input device, included with each computer Challenges - none

2.4. Scanner Benefits - allows for quick digitization of any external graphics Challenges - cost

2.5. Microphone Benefits - allows for easy recording of audio information, input for text/speech applications Challenges - might require a separate audio interface depending on the computers in use.

2.6. Digital Videocam Benefits - easy capture of any activities involving the class Challenges - cost