CISM - Task Statement

CISM - Task Statement

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CISM - Task Statement by Mind Map: CISM - Task Statement

1. Domain 4 - Information Security Incident Management

2. Task Statement

2.1. Establish and/or maintain an information security strategy in alignment with organizational goals and objectives to guide the establishment and/or ongoing management of the information secuirty program

2.1.1. Relationship between Organizational Goals & Objectives Goals Objectives Governance Action or manner of governing a state or organization An Act of creating a plan on how a company will achieve a goal and then making sure everyone executes that plan Levels Corporate Governance Information Security Strategy Plan to achieve Information Security objectives (Information Security must support Business Startegy) Information Security Program Security Governance Security Management Security Implementation/Operation

3. Domain 3 - Information Security Program Development & Management

4. Domain 1 - Information Security Governance

5. Domain 2 - Information Risk Management

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