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Industry 4.0 by Mind Map: Industry 4.0

1. Integration Systems

1.1. Integration systems allow the various plataforms and compan systems to connect with each other, sharing information and functioning as a single plataform.

2. Cloud Computing

2.1. Cloud computing is a storage computing service, with this space is freed on computer equipment by not having all the aplications working, the only necessary thing is access to the Internet service.

3. Augmented Reality

3.1. Augmented reality consists of assembling digital images about real pictures. Allows the user to obtain relevant information about their environment and what they want to know in real time.

4. Simulation

4.1. Simulation is the representation of something or action that imitates what happens in reality.

5. Internet of Things

5.1. Is a digital interconnetion network between devices where the exchange of data flows, which allows obtaining key information about the use of the devices in order to detect patterns, make recomendations and create new experiences for the user.

6. 3D Printing

6.1. 3D printing allows you to print three-dimensional solid objects no longer only on paper.

7. Big Data

7.1. What is Big Data?

7.1.1. Big Data is data that is presented in increasing volumes, at a higher velocity and which contains a greater variety of information.

7.2. The three Vs

7.2.1. Big data is made up of large and complex data sets that come from new data sources, which are so large and fast that it is difficult or impossible to process or manage them with programs, conventional software or with tradicional methods. Volume: The amount of data. Velocity: Is the rate at which data is received and used. Variety: The various types of data available.

8. Cybersecurity

8.1. Technologies to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availabilty of information, especially that with which one works in projects with large and changing volumes of data.

9. Autonomous Robots

9.1. What are Autonomous Robots?

9.1.1. Are those with the ability to execute activities and tasks without the need for some kind of command given directly by the human being

9.2. Kinds of Autonomous Robots

9.2.1. Service Robots

9.2.2. Space Explorations Robots

9.2.3. Robots for people with disabilities

9.2.4. Rescue and emergency robots

9.2.5. Industrial Robots