Time Management - Mindset

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Time Management - Mindset by Mind Map: Time Management - Mindset

1. 2. 1st Things 1st

1.1. Fundamentals

1.1.1. Effective Executives do 1st things 1st and they do 1 thing at a time. - Peter Drucker

1.1.2. Living by Compass Rather than Clock Clock = Appointments, Schedules, Tasks Compass = Vision, Values, Principles and conscience, Long term goals

1.1.3. Doing the right thing, rather than doing things right Priorities The question is who will make the decision - the executive or the pressures. Posteriorities What tasks not to tackle The reason why executives struggle to concentrate is the difficulty of setting posteriorities and sticking to that decision

1.1.4. Concentration Concentration - that is the courage to impose on time and events his own decision as to what really matters and comes 1st - is the executive's only hope of becoming the master of time and events instead of their whipping boy. - Peter Drukcer

1.2. 4 Quadrants

1.2.1. Urgent = Important?

1.2.2. Urgent Urgent things act on us We react to them People are addicted to URGENCY instead of Importance

1.2.3. Important It has to do with results If something is important it contributes to your mission, values or high priority goals Important Matters that are Not Urgent require more initiative and proactivity. If we don't have clarity on what is important, we are easily diverted into responding to the URGENT

1.2.4. The Matrix 1. 2. 3.

2. 4. Thinking

2.1. Concentrated Thinking

2.1.1. Deep thinking+ Long Term thinking

2.2. Schedule time to think

3. 3.Switch Tasking

3.1. Why Switch Tasking is BAD

3.1.1. Stress Levels go up

3.1.2. Time required goes up by 70% or more

3.1.3. Quality Goes down

3.2. The goal is to minimize the number of Task Switches

4. 1. The overwhelm

4.1. You?

4.2. Too much to do and too little time?

4.3. It never ends

4.3.1. You struggle to get caught up and new tasks and responsibilities keep rolling in.

4.3.2. You will NEVER be able to do everything you wish to do

4.3.3. You will be behind on some tasks and responsibilities and possibly in many

4.4. The Challenge - to get the most important things done

4.4.1. There will never be enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important things.

5. 0. Resources

5.1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

5.2. Effective Executive - Peter Drucker

5.3. Eat That Frog - Brian Tracy

5.4. 18 minutes - Peter Bregman

5.5. The Now Habit - Neil Fiore

5.6. Crazy Busy - Ed Hallowell

5.7. Time Warrior - Steve Chandler