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How To Set Up Your Wordpress Site by Mind Map: How To Set Up  Your Wordpress Site
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How To Set Up Your Wordpress Site

How To Install WordPress

WordPress Template and Design Customization

What is a Theme?

Your perfect WordPress theme

Wordpress Basic Configuration

Decide a good and descriptive, SEO-savvy Blog Title and description (tagline)

Review the General Options - Decide if www or non-www

Decide your site's URL structure and configure permalinks accordingly. Do not change!

Check if permalink settings work properly - change temporarily the httpdocs folder permissions if needed

How To Install and Manage WordPress Plugins


Using the Admin Panel integrated download and install feature

How To Do A Proper Test Drive

Insert some dummy content

Can you upload an image file? Change permissions of your upload folder. Try to keep security at a maximum level.

Once you've installed all the plugins and your theme, check the generated HTML code

Manage Blog Privacy & indexing

How To Do Domain Mapping

A simple way to have your blog on, without having to set up anything technical: takes care of hosting your site

How to - Do you need to buy the domain?

How To Setup WordPress for SEO and avoid popular mistakes

Make sure URL / permalink structure is correct from day 1 - NEVER change permalink structure once the blog has been indexed

If you are just playing around with your new domain, use the Blog privacy option.

"Let search engines see only the final version of your work" - do not publish and then UNpublish posts or pages.

Use a meta tag manager plugin: HeadSpace2 or All in One SEO pack.

Backup often and inspect site often against subtle attacks (links to bad neighborhoods...)

Update your WordPress regularly!

Each time you install a new plugin/theme, Inspect the final HTML – verify the meta-tags beware of some themes and plugins which can destroy you SEO fine-tuning!

Use security enhancement plugins: Wp header remover, Bad behaviour, Wordpress secuirity scan