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7/2 by Mind Map: 7/2

1. Second language

1.1. Spanish/Erika

1.1.1. Easy to pronounce

1.2. Portuguese/me

1.3. French/Yurina

1.3.1. Pronounciation is difficult Used to study Italian at high school Founded by an Italian sister Doesn't like it

1.4. Spanish, Portuguese, French

1.4.1. From one Roman language Pronouce like Roma-ji

2. Last weekened

2.1. (me) Working at the store for 6 hours

2.1.1. My sister works for 12 hours a day sometimes

2.2. (Erika) Worked for 12 hours once

2.2.1. Very tired 新しいノード

3. Yesterday(7/1)

3.1. (Yurina) Chatting on Facebook

3.1.1. with her host father In Australia, at midnight About his job, her school and photos

3.2. (Erika) Went to a drug store

3.2.1. To buy shampoo, and so on For studying abroad

4. Exam

4.1. Having tests

4.1.1. Study hard