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Check your knowledge by Mind Map: Check your knowledge

1. Computer scientists have created systems that help farmers produce more food for society. This advancement most closely represents which of the five concept areas of computer science?

1.1. Impacts of computing. (19)

2. What is the difference between a consumer and a creator?

2.1. The creator makes and creates the things while the consumer only uses them (15)

3. What is a group of connected computers called?

3.1. A network, or computer network (19)

4. Reviewing a collection of student scores from an exam to understand how well the class did is an example of which concept area of computer science?

4.1. Data and analysis (19)

5. Explain what an algorithm is.

5.1. is a list of instructions on how to do something. (17)

6. What is computer science?

6.1. is the study of computers and how computer technology can be used to solve problems. (13)

7. Which of these are most likely NOT computing systems?

7.1. C. Books (13)

8. What is a program, and why do computers need programs?

8.1. is a set of instructions that has been coded into a language that a computer can understand. (17)

9. Computer science is NOT:

9.1. C. Playing computer games (15)

10. What is a computing system? Provide examples of computing systems.

10.1. Computing systems are one or more computing devices. Like laptops, tablets and phones (13)