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computer science by Mind Map: computer science

1. drone

1.1. An unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV, more appropriately RPAS, commonly known as a drone, refers to an aircraft that flies without a crew, which performs its function remotely.

2. Microprocessor

2.1. The microprocessor is the most complex central integrated circuit in a computer system; by way of illustration, it is sometimes called, by analogy, the "brain" of a computer.

3. embedded processor

3.1. embedded processor, a class of computer, or computer chip, embedded in various machines.

4. arithmetic and logic unit ALU

4.1. In computing, arithmetic logic unit or arithmetic-logic unit, also known as ALU, is a digital circuit that performs arithmetic operations and logical operations between argument values.

5. vision guided robotics

5.1. Vision-guided robots is a collective term for machine vision and image processing systems used for position detection and inspection with industrial robots.

6. computer system

6.1. computer system is a set of equipment that works together to do useful work

7. central processing unit

7.1. he computer's central processing unit (CPU) is the portion of a computer that retrieves and executes instructions.

8. Ram

8.1. Random Access Memory (RAM) is the computer memory that stores the information a program needs while it is running.

9. cache

9.1. In computing, a cache, cache, or buffer memory is a hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served more quickly.

10. robots

10.1. A robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial entity. In practice, this is usually an electromechanical system that, by its appearance or its movements, gives the feeling of having a purpose of its own.