A new way to think about myself. This chart is my journey as a seeker.

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Happiness by Mind Map: Happiness

1. Mind Set

1.1. A New Way To See God

1.1.1. Fearless God Is A Friend, Not Something To Be Feared Of

1.1.2. Rational God Is A Believing Processs (Journey)

1.2. Greatfullness

1.2.1. Shortcut To Feel Good

1.2.2. Patient

1.3. Unconditional Freedom

1.3.1. Responsible Unconditional Love Rational

1.3.2. Un-Responsible Destructive

1.4. Don't Hurt Yourself

1.4.1. Don't Think Negative Fear Embarrest Useless

2. Connection With Other People

2.1. Everybody Is A winner

2.1.1. To Make Someone Happy

2.1.2. And Gain Some Respects

2.2. You Are Not Alone

2.2.1. Everybody Is Smart

2.2.2. Everybody Is Talented

2.2.3. Nobody Is Better Than You

2.2.4. You are not Better Than Anyone

2.3. Hurt Nobody

2.3.1. They Will Hit You Back

2.3.2. Or, You Will

2.3.3. Treat Everybody Like I Want To Be Treated

3. The Meaning Of Life

3.1. There's No Meaning Of Life Unless We Put The Meaning To It

3.2. Good Thought, about Ourself

4. There's No Coincidence

4.1. If There Is, You Will Never Thought About It

4.2. How Come? We'll never know.

4.3. But, There are always some choices