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Digital Publishing in Adobe Indesign CS6 by Mind Map: Digital Publishing in Adobe
Indesign CS6
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Digital Publishing in Adobe Indesign CS6

Introduction to InDesign

Workspace and Tools

Panel Settings

Customizing Settings

Pages panel

Standard pages





Master pages

Adding page number

Adding custom design

Define multiple Master pages

Digital layout

Planning using placeholders

Grouping objects

Text and Paragraph Option Bar

Text Frame Options

Threading Text frames

Baseline grids and columns

Align paragraphs to a baseline grid

Creating columns for layout

Custom baseline


Fonts and typefaces

Leading, kerning and tracking

True Type vs Open Type

Preflight and Package

Preparing files for Preflight

Creating custom profile for Preflight

Preparing the artwork for printing

Packaging for Final Artwork

Digital output in PDF

Printing overview

Digital Printing in RGB

Offset Printing in CMYK

Pixels vs Dots

Offset printing setup


Text frames

Using text frames

Importing text

Import strategies

Image frames

Importing images

Clipping images

Importing multiple images

Repositioning images

Fit vs Fill

Unassigned frames

Assigning Fill

Assigning Stroke

Setting rounded corners