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Topics by Mind Map: Topics

1. Business & Trends

1.1. Make a project proposal

1.2. Gaming industry current state and trends

1.3. How to market your own game?

1.3.1. Mastering Social Media to sell your games

1.3.2. How to market your target audience?

1.4. Local companies in the Philippines: history, standard in the global markets etc.

1.5. Monetization

1.6. Social gaming

1.7. Cloud gaming

1.8. How to build a video game studio?

1.9. How to fund your games?

1.9.1. How to find sponsors/investors?

1.10. How to be a successful freelancer?

1.11. How to determine and hit your target audience?

1.11.1. How to make sure your target audience will play your game?

1.12. Is it viable to get into the game industry in the philippines?

1.12.1. Can the video game industry in the philippines be viable?

1.12.2. How to make the industry viable in the ph?

1.13. How do you determine the salary level of your employees?

1.13.1. How do you give the right salary to your employee?

1.14. How to license your project?

1.15. How does the economy impact your game's success?

1.16. Legals issues

1.16.1. Laws specific to video games?

1.16.2. How to handle lawsuits?

1.17. How to create an attractive portfolio?

1.18. Managing budget during the production process

1.19. How do you find (competent) people to hire?

1.20. Pros and cons of indie dev

1.20.1. What are the risks and rewards?

1.20.2. How to look for sponsors?

1.20.3. How to fund your games?

1.21. How to be employable?

1.21.1. What are the established dev looking for in employees?

2. Management & Leadership

2.1. Team building

2.1.1. How to keep people happy and motivated in the team?

2.1.2. How to celebrate? :D

2.2. Effective Communication

2.2.1. How to resolve conflicts?

2.2.2. The art of negociation

2.3. Scrum: scheduling, management, reports, post-mortem etc.

2.4. Game Development Methodologies

2.5. How to manage effectively?

2.5.1. How to handle teams effectively?

2.6. What works and what doesn’t work in a game dev team?

2.7. How to organize time?

2.8. What does a production environment should be?

2.9. How to assess someone's abilities?

2.9.1. How/why hiring someone?

2.10. How to be enrolling such that people follow me and my ideas?

2.10.1. How to enroll people in joining the game industry?

2.11. How to fire people? and be diplomat about it? :)

2.12. What are the good ways to support the demotivated people in the course?

2.13. How to finish up your game? How to pack up everything?

2.13.1. QA

2.13.2. Publishing, marketing, license

3. Self-improvement

3.1. How to be a successful game developer?

3.2. How to ace programming tests and interviews?

3.2.1. Having a mock interview/test

3.3. How to be/become self-confident?

3.3.1. What kind of activities are recommanded?

3.3.2. How to boost your self-confidence?

3.4. How to effectively manage your own time?

3.5. How to improve my work attitude?

3.6. Choosing a right job and career

3.6.1. In order to be successful, do I need to be a Jack of all trades or a specialist?

3.6.2. Educator vs Industry or both

3.6.3. Picking the "right" role for yourself? (Prog, artist etc.) Preferences, abilities, opportunites

3.7. How do you start solving a problem?

3.7.1. What are the best ways to start etc.?

4. Misc

4.1. How to make games for the future educational system?

4.2. Gamers, non-gamers: who can make a better game?

4.3. Psychology of games

4.4. Creating game design documents

4.5. Legendary games and what made them successful? (Production wise)

4.6. How to come up with original games that differentiates you from the competition?

4.7. How does game ethics can be applied in your game?

4.8. What are the best ways to come up with new concepts?

4.9. Educational games vs entertainment

4.10. Creating marketable games that you can appreciate personally