Public Ed's Purpose

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Public Ed's Purpose by Mind Map: Public Ed's Purpose

1. Pedagogy - learning theory

1.1. Scientific method- objective, linear, rational thinking

1.2. Rationialism (logic) ----Empiricism (use evidence)

1.3. Metaphysics - Is it real

1.4. Epistemology - What is true

1.5. Axiology - what is good, morality and ethics

2. Assessment - evidence of understanding

2.1. Quantitative emphasis

2.2. Independent and Dependent variables

3. Curriculum - content

3.1. History and Holidays - eurocentric based on progress and future orientation

3.2. delayed gratification

3.3. Hard Fun vs Hard work

4. Language is Power

4.1. Media - Broadcast socializing agent

4.2. Impersonal communication directed at a vast audience with images

5. Social- norms of society

5.1. Culture

5.1.1. values, attitudes, beliefs passed down by generations, binding people together

5.1.2. ethnicity - understand group's differences Heuristics -rule of thumb (generalizations & stereotypes

5.1.3. American culture Collectivisim -cooperation of a group takes priority over personal goals Individualism - personal goals and preferences take priority over group allegiances Protestant work ethic, competition, action orientation drive to control nature, must do something re - situations utilitarian view of life decision making, democratic

5.1.4. Socialization - lifelong social experiences, learn role in society and culture

5.1.5. Dualistic thinking - status, power, title, possessions, credentials, positions

5.2. Different Agents

5.2.1. family, school confront diversity, racial clustering, hidden curriculums, informal cover lessons peer groups -govern short term goals parents retain influence over long term goals

6. Political - participate in democracy

7. Economic - workforce