What I've Accumulated

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What I've Accumulated by Mind Map: What I've Accumulated

1. Education

1.1. Pedagogy

1.2. Assessment

1.3. Curriculum

2. Time

2.1. Time does not belong to anyone

2.2. Does not exist

3. Independent Thinking

3.1. Search for own answers

3.2. Grasp own thoughts

3.3. Teaching yourself how to learn independently

4. Three Parts of Teaching

4.1. Social

4.1.1. Teach how to become one regaurdless to where they come from in a classroom

4.2. Economic

4.2.1. Teach someone to value what they must do in order to become successful

4.3. Political

4.3.1. Teach involvment in politics

5. Socializiation

5.1. Ethnicity

5.2. Race

5.3. Socio-Economic Status