Referral and Assistive Technology Assessment

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Referral and Assistive Technology Assessment by Mind Map: Referral and Assistive Technology Assessment

1. Step 3: Individualized Education Program Team Meeting

1.1. Team Members:

1.1.1. Special Education Teacher

1.1.2. AT Specialist

1.2. General Education Teacher

1.2.1. School Administrator

1.2.2. Student

1.3. School Counselor

1.3.1. Social Worker

1.3.2. Parent

1.3.3. School Nurse Occupational Therapist Physical Therapist

2. Step 4: Implementation of AT Device

2.1. Team decides on AT device based upon assessment

2.2. Continuous Assessment

2.3. Monitor and adjust as needed

3. Step 1: Referral for Assistive Technology Assessment

3.1. Referral By:

3.2. Friends

3.2.1. Family

3.2.2. Doctor

3.3. Agency

3.3.1. Teacher

3.3.2. Any other professional

3.4. Student and Medical Data Needed

3.4.1. Background information also needed on prior AT devices and related services.

3.4.2. Vision and hearing Reports Needed

4. Step 2: Conduct Assistive Technology Assessment

4.1. Direct Observation

4.2. Formal Assessments

4.2.1. Interviews

4.2.2. Compile Information to determine strengths and weaknesses.