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Section B Aspects of the Information Age by Mind Map: Section B Aspects of the Information Age
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Section B Aspects of the Information Age

Working styles

Net books

Tablets and PDA's

Graphics software and tablets

Provision of wi-fi

Paperless office

Collaborative working

See section A

On-line aps

On-line storage

See section A

Online marketing tools


Socila networking has not been included here although you can refer to section A if you have not already discussed this topic

Mobile phones

Tablets and PDA's

Answering machines

Fax machines

3D / large scale projection

Automated Call Centers

Collaborative apps


Also see mind map for section A

Common software

Student ID cards

Multimedia libraries

Interactive smartboards

VLE's (virtual learning environment)

See section A map

Availability of materials

Availability of hardware

Entertainment and leisure



DVD players


Smart Phones

Digital camera's

Route planners

Smart TV


Music production

CGI and animation

Mobile apps


On-line banking hardware


ID theft

Overseas call centres

BACS online payments (wages, refunds)

The end of money

Decision making

Survey tools

Footfall data sensing

See entertainment and leisure

Supermarket video analysis of buying patterns

Loan companies / credit scoring

This could be a civil rights issue

Computer modeling and simulation (e.g weather, population growth etc)

Customer reveiws

Employment opportunities

Job databases

Candidate databases

Home-working opporotunities

Global online working

Call centres (multinational)

Government careers service

New sectors of ICT

Crime and crime prevention



Multinational databases

Photo fit technology

Electronic tagging

Facial recoignition

Computer aided dispatch

Home alarm (linked response)

Police use Facebook

Forensic technology

Civil rights

Government use of data

Equal opportunity data collection

Exchange of personal data between companies

Compulsory ID cards

Privacy international

Monitoring of internet/email use

GPS tracking issues



Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

Health and Safety Regulations (1992)

Data Protection Act (1984)

Copywrite, Designs and Patents act (1988)

Computer Misuse Act (1990)

Freedom of Information Act (2005)


MRI scans

Research & data processing

Ultra sound

Diabetic monitoring equipment

GPS tracking dementia patients

Remote surgery

Prosthetic technology


Self checkout

Product scanners

Quick response codes (QR Codes)

Payment methods

See banking - 'the end of Money'

EPOS computerised tills