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Self Improvement by Mind Map: Self Improvement
5.0 stars - 13 reviews range from 0 to 5

Self Improvement



Plant Based Nutrition, prevent and reverse degenerative diseases

Intermittent Fasting, extend lifespan + other

Okinawan diet weight loss, easy Cal restriction


Resveratrol, extend lifespan

Antioxidants, SOD, powerful, Anasthaxin, Lots more effective, like ALA, see books on brain and supplements as well as miracle vitamin, etc

Telomere extending supplements

Multivitamins, see miracle vitamin book


Anaerobic, Bodyweight exercise healthier, easy to implement (see convict conditioning and related)

Running, Natural running gait, Interval Exercise, very effective, peak 8?


Importance of mind on body, impacts lifespan

Blue Zones book


Chemicals, they're in eveything!

Vaccines, are they safe?


No GMO's



Possible hit, can create service from it

Meditation, Brainwave Entrainment, Holosync, iMusic, lifeflow, Mindfulness meditation (see meditation for dummies)

Nutrition, Nootropics, See brain fitness books on supplements, Includes Omega 3's, ALA, Ginkgo..., What to eat, Breakfast?

Mental Exercises, Training software, Luminosity, Dual N back, Marbles the mind store offers research backed software

Sleep, Biphasic sleep, nap benefits, Avoid polyphasic sleep


excellent resource, can sell it

Spaced Repetition Systems, Anki, Supermemo, *dev one myself

Mnemonics, Loci method, Pmemory, See other relevent courses, books

Learning strategies, Basic books on topic, Ultralearning, Holistic learning


can also be improved



Productivity Systems, GTD, GTDCS, 100DS, Cyborganize, Autofocus, And many, many more

Goal Achievement, 6 Stages of Change, Psyblog goal achievement methods

Focus, Absolute Isolation, Brain Wave Entrainment for focus, Research suggests 40-50m then break

Procrastination, many resouces, include for students, Psyblog

Time tracking- increases productivity

Willpower, can be improved!, motivation can be improved too (see changeology)

Common productivity boosters, timeboxing


Social skills

Could be a major hit among visitors

see top books, charisma, etc

Body language, it can be very helpful


Why good things happen to good people- improve ethicalness, compassion

A good module, helps people become altruistic

10 things to improve

happiness can be improved, see books on topic

another possible hit


tons of good stuff on that, books, etc, Neuro Linguistic programming? (applies to goal achievement too)


again, many good books, take your pick


How to improve fashion, perhaps through books


Improving attractiveness


pick up techniques

all about body ratios, women have waist hip, men more about muscle location and thickness


Getting a good career

Academic performance, How to become a straight a student strategies

Basic Skills, English, Little Brown handbook, all writing in it, vocabulary with SRS, sm Extreme English, Ultimate Vocab (see best vocab learning methods), Math, How to learn math? Baffles many people. Apply learning strategies, Speed math, Science, Khan Academy to learn more about topics, History, Watch out about incorrect history!

College admission, Looking for commited activities defying explanation

Languages, Pimsleur, Remembering the kanji



Frugalness, See common How to be a Millionare books


Gone Fishing Portfolio or something, good ETF allocation

Stock picking resources

Rich Dad Poor Dad

4 day workweek

Create a business


Aftershock, financial collpase?