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Blogging by Mind Map: Blogging

1. Potential Outcomes

1.1. Higher order thiniking skills involved

1.2. Students come up with things you never think of

1.3. Transferral of knowledge to meaningful knowledge

1.4. Personalised, more student involvement/motivation

1.5. Highly visual = different learning styles are catered for

2. How to use effectively in T & L

2.1. Personal reflective journal

2.2. automatic links to communicate other ideas

2.3. instructional blogs

2.4. Group work --> can be used to reflect on work done by group

2.5. ePortfolio of student work

2.6. student blogs as coursework (alternative assessment)

2.7. Reading blogs - focused on specific discipline - students can rss feeds from other blogs

2.8. Extend the classroom

3. Problems

3.1. get distracted

3.2. Time consuming

3.2.1. setting up - laying ground rules with students

3.2.2. internet speeds determine how quick

3.3. language style different for students to common usage

3.4. cyber-bullying

3.4.1. peers or public