Our Way 2008

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Our Way 2008 by Mind Map: Our Way 2008

1. Gifted Education

1.1. Could we find out, and make suggestions as to what is offered in this area by Annie

2. Culture

2.1. focus for terms 1/2 2008

2.2. This idea links to PD as well...it would be very benefical if we continued with the flat management sturcture that we have enjoyed in the past. This will ensure we are all continuing our professional development as AP's and Team Leaders and , I guess, as Principals

2.3. An example of this would be the need to include ALL team Leaders in the interviewing process for new staff as this would link to "Teams", "Culture" and "PD". Also, People who we are going to ask to be Team Leaders in the Future might like to be involved as well.

3. PD

3.1. what about bringing more experts to FOS instead of going to a course

3.2. this will essentially cost less, but have huge benefits, eg everyone onboard with the ideas

3.3. Like Steps Reading/Writing Programme Judy and Toby went to would be a great start

3.4. Use College advisers more often.

3.5. Phonics - Yolanda Sorryl

3.6. Be aware of abandonment and making unsustainable change

4. Inquiry

4.1. Definately make this a focus for 2008. There are some "experts" in the school, which need to run this staff development.

4.2. finding new staff who are keen to develop these ideas - this is a given I suppose!

4.3. Link the inquiry focus to staff PD on Gifted Ed. We need to keep our school "up there" in Gifted Ed.

5. Teams

5.1. interactions between teams during meetings - like during writing and asttle dicussions

5.2. Encourage the continued sharing of ideas through emails etc this happens already and is very powerful!