If you want to learn to code in 2013, this is how to get started

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If you want to learn to code in 2013, this is how to get started by Mind Map: If you want to learn to code in 2013, this is how to get started

1. Understand and Learn GitHub

1.1. Git Introduction

1.2. Understand GitHub conceptually

1.3. Git Immersion

2. Understand your Development and Production Environment

2.1. Development Environment

2.1.1. GUI text editor Sublime Text 2 Free Sublime Tutorial on tutsplus

2.2. Production Environment

2.2.1. Learn how to deploy Heroku on Rails3 with custom domain name Deploying your first Django App to Amazon EC2 Deploy Button

3. Additional resources

3.1. Articles

3.1.1. "6 Things You Need to Learn to Build Your Own Prototype" by Vinicius Vacanti

3.1.2. Cracking the code: best online schools and courses tested (WIRED)

3.1.3. "Learning to Code: The Roadmap I Wish I Had Been Given" by Jimmy Li

3.1.4. "So you want to be a programmer, huh? Here are 27 ways to learn online" The Next Web

3.2. Online schools

3.2.1. Codecademy

3.2.2. Mozilla School of Webcraft

3.3. Additional Tools

3.3.1. Mozilla Webmaker Thimble X-Ray Goggle

3.3.2. dabblet

3.4. Books

3.4.1. Learning MySQL

3.4.2. Learning Phyton

3.4.3. HTML, XHTML & CSS

3.4.4. CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

3.4.5. Eloquent Ruby

3.5. Services

3.5.1. PSD2HTML

3.6. Additional Acronyms

3.6.1. PHP, Java, Perl

3.6.2. XML

3.6.3. API

3.6.4. JSON

3.6.5. AJAX

3.6.6. CRUD Apps

3.7. Websites

3.7.1. Rails Girls + Materials

3.7.2. Stack Overflow

3.7.3. Project Euler

3.7.4. The Bastards Book of Ruby

3.7.5. More Ruby & Javascript Tutorials @ JumpstartLab

3.7.6. The Twelve Factor App

3.7.7. Nettuts+

4. Learn Front End Stuff (Structure & style)

4.1. Learn Javascript

4.1.1. Learn JQuery Mini-Tutorials

4.1.2. Eloquent Javascript

4.1.3. meteor

4.1.4. ember.js

4.2. Learn HTML and CSS

4.2.1. Debug with Firebug

4.2.2. Mozilla Developer Network

4.2.3. Google Web Fonts

4.3. XML

4.4. DOM

4.5. AJAX

4.6. Twitter Bootstrap

5. Learn Back-End Stuff

5.1. The Logic (Back-end)

5.1.1. Pick a Web application frameworks Django (built in Python) Learn Python Learn Django Rails (built in Ruby) Learn Rails Learn Ruby

5.2. The Storage (Back-end)

5.2.1. Learn a Database MySQL Sequel Pro MONGODB

5.2.2. Understand Servers Amazon web services

5.2.3. Understand Web servers

5.3. The Infra (Back-end)

5.3.1. Unicorn

5.3.2. Apache