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If you want to learn to code in 2013, this is how to get started by Mind Map: If you want to learn to code in
2013, this is how to get started
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If you want to learn to code in 2013, this is how to get started

Understand and Learn GitHub

Git is a fast and modern implementation of version control. Git provides a history of content changes. Git facilitates collaborative changes to files.

Git Introduction

Understand GitHub conceptually

You can only really use Git if you understand how Git works.

Git Immersion

Git Immersion is a guided tour that walks through the fundamentals of Git.

Understand your Development and Production Environment

Development Environment

GUI text editor, Sublime Text 2, Free Sublime Tutorial on tutsplus

Production Environment

Learn how to deploy, Heroku, on Rails3, with custom domain name, Deploying your first Django App to Amazon EC2, Deploy Button

Additional resources


"6 Things You Need to Learn to Build Your Own Prototype" by Vinicius Vacanti

Cracking the code: best online schools and courses tested (WIRED)

"Learning to Code: The Roadmap I Wish I Had Been Given" by Jimmy Li

"So you want to be a programmer, huh? Here are 27 ways to learn online" The Next Web

Online schools


Mozilla School of Webcraft

Additional Tools

Mozilla Webmaker, Thimble, X-Ray Goggle



Learning MySQL

Learning Phyton


CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

Eloquent Ruby



Additional Acronyms

PHP, Java, Perl







Rails Girls + Materials

Stack Overflow

Project Euler

The Bastards Book of Ruby

More Ruby & Javascript Tutorials @ JumpstartLab

The Twelve Factor App


Learn Front End Stuff (Structure & style)

The "front end" is the set of instructions about how data should appear in the user’s window.

Learn Javascript

is a client-side programming language that allows you to manipulate content on your site without requiring the user to reload the entire page. For better user interface and user experience of your site.

Learn JQuery, Mini-Tutorials

Eloquent Javascript



Learn HTML and CSS

HTML is the markup language that governs the structure of a page, e.g. there should be a header, followed by a paragraph. CSS is an additional file that comes along with the HTML that helps to style the HTML. CSS is the language that determines how a given page should be styled, e.g. the header should be in size 18 font, and the paragraph below it should have blue text.

Debug with Firebug

Mozilla Developer Network

Google Web Fonts




Twitter Bootstrap

Learn Back-End Stuff

The “back end” in web development is where you store and organize the data on a website.

The Logic (Back-end)

Pick a Web application frameworks, Django (built in Python), Learn Python, Google's Python Class, Learn Python the Hard Way, Learn Django, The Django Book, Django Tutorials, Rails (built in Ruby), Learn Rails, RailsCasts, Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Michael Hartl), RailsGuides, Learn Ruby, Ruby Tutorial, RubyKoans, Ruby in 100 minutes, Learn Rub the Hard Way

The Storage (Back-end)

Learn a Database, MySQL, Sequel Pro, MONGODB

Understand Servers, Amazon web services

Understand Web servers

The Infra (Back-end)