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Chess MindMap by Mind Map: Chess MindMap

1. Reading Log

1.1. Reading Now

1.1.1. Openings Scherbakov R - The Triangle System Dunnington A - The Ultimate King's Indian Attack Wakdawala C - Move By Move-Slav Vigorito D - Play the Semi-slav

1.1.2. Endgame Silman J - Complete Endgame Course

1.1.3. General Strategy Nimzowitsch - My System

1.1.4. Tactics Vukovic V - Art Of Attack in Chess Avni A - Danger In Chess - How to Avoid Making Blunders Polgar L - Chess 5334 Problems

1.2. In Que/Reccomended

1.2.1. Openings McDonald N - Move By Move-Ruy Lopez King D, Ponzetto P - Mastering the Ruy Lopez Flear G - Starting Out - King's Indian Attack

1.2.2. Endgame

1.2.3. General Strategy Rowson J - The Seven Deadly Chess Sins Euwe M, Hramer H - The Middlegame v1

1.2.4. Tactics

1.3. Completed

1.3.1. Openings

1.3.2. Endgame

1.3.3. General Strategy Silman J - How to Reassess Your Chess 4e Silman J - The Reassess Your Chess Workbook Silman J - The-Amateurs Mind Weeramantry S - Best Lessons of a Chess Coach

1.3.4. Tactics Waitzkin J - Attacking Chess

2. My Opening Repertoire

2.1. White

2.1.1. C60 Ruy Lopez/Spanish Notes Pawn Center. Support with minor peices Avoid trades (assuming opp has less space) e4 pawn is bait! don't defend -> 0-0, Re1 King side attack (Nd2) Point everything toward the king Study Material McDonald N - Move By Move-Ruy Lopez ?? - Mastering the Ruy Lopez

2.1.2. A05 King's Indian Attack Notes Push pawn to e5! Ng4 or Ne4 a3 f6 and h4. Try to force g6 or h6 black in e5 -> switch to queen side attack Study Materials Dunnington A - The Ultimate King's Indian Attack Chessbase KIA - (NIgel Davies)

2.2. Black

2.2.1. 1.e4 C93 Symslov Variation (Ruy Lopez) Notes Study Materials C78 Archangel (Ruy Lopez)

2.2.2. 1. d4 D43-45 Slav/semi-slav Notes Study Materials

3. General Strategy

3.1. Elements (Nimzowitsch)

3.1.1. The Center (and development) To be ahead in development is the first objective Get lead by seeking gain in tempi Do not move piece more than once Liquidate in order to keep development progressing Do not hunt pawns when pieces are not developed

3.1.2. Play on open Files Evolutionary (convergent) Attack Revolutionary (sacrifice) Attack Identify your Objective!

3.1.3. Play in the 7th and 8th Ranks Occupy in end game Occupy as long as possible (cramping defenses are required) Special cases 7th Rank Absolute (w/passed pawn) usually wins Doubled Rooks give perpetual check Drawing Apparatus Rook+Knight Maruading raid on 7th rank Combined play in 7th and 8th ranks (enveloping in the corner)

3.1.4. The passed pawn "the candidate" blockade (a "Criminal" who must be kept under lock and key)

3.1.5. The pin

3.1.6. Discovered Check

3.1.7. Exchanging to SEIZE(or open) a file without loss of tempo to DESTROY a defender to AVOID RETREATING (losing time) Selling one's life as dearly as possible Simplification Superiority in material Lead in development

3.1.8. The Pawn Chain

3.2. Evaluation Criteria (in order of importance)

3.2.1. Material

3.2.2. King Safety

3.2.3. Activity of Pieces Development Minor Pieces Initiative

3.2.4. Pawn Structure Space Files and Squares

4. Situational Awareness

4.1. After my Opponents Move

4.1.1. What squares are no longer defended?

4.1.2. What is his threat?

4.2. Before Every Move

4.2.1. What is my plan/objective?

4.2.2. Is it safe? Don't hang anything by God!!

4.2.3. Are there any discovered attacks on my pieces?

4.2.4. What are the drawbacks of this move?

5. New Idea

6. New Idea