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Film Opening by Mind Map: Film Opening

1. Establishing shot, This gives us a clear vision of the location/setting.

2. Music/sound, This usually happens at the beginning of the film opening, regardless to the genre, for example if the genre its horror, the music will be tense and scary.

3. Genre, This involves horror, comedy, romance, etc.

4. Narrative, This gives the audience information to know what the film is about

5. what does a Film Opening need to have?

6. Enigma code, This is very important as it allows the audience to interact with the audience and gives them puzzles to solve.

7. Studio and Production Company, For example Dream Works, 20th century Fox etc. They use the company, as they helped them advertise and distribute the film.

8. Titles and Credits, This includes the title of the film, which is the name of the movie. As well as, who's starring in the film? Etc.

9. Characters, This shows protagonist and antagonist, it also helps the audience to know who is important in the film as it signifies their importance in the film

10. The film opening starts with certain convention regardless to the genre; these are the convention that a film opening needs to have: