Engl 110 online-f09

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Engl 110 online-f09 by Mind Map: Engl 110 online-f09

1. Course Outline

1.1. 1wk

1.1.1. intro Bb (post papers&gradebook) Google (email, docs, reader, etc) Twitter (microblog) Posterous (blog) Delicious (bookmarking)

1.2. 2wk

1.2.1. h-c mw t

1.2.2. blog post

1.2.3. v&d

1.2.4. challenge

1.3. 3wk

1.3.1. blog post

1.3.2. v&d

1.3.3. 1.1stDft

1.3.4. 1pr

1.4. 4wk

1.4.1. 1reflections h-c/mw/t/e

1.5. 5wk

1.5.1. v&d

1.5.2. challenge

1.5.3. blog post

1.6. 6wk

1.6.1. blog post

1.6.2. v&d

1.6.3. 2.1rd

1.6.4. 2pr

1.7. 7wk

1.7.1. 2analysis h-c/mw/t/e

1.8. 8wk

1.8.1. blog post

1.8.2. v&d

1.8.3. challenge

1.9. 9wk

1.9.1. blog post

1.9.2. v&d

1.9.3. 3.1rd

1.9.4. 3pr

1.10. 10wk

1.10.1. 3evaluation h-c/mw/t/e

1.11. 11wk

1.11.1. blog post

1.11.2. v&d

1.11.3. challenge

1.12. 12wk

1.12.1. blog post

1.12.2. v&d

1.12.3. 4.1rd

1.12.4. 4pr

1.13. 13wk

1.13.1. blog post

1.13.2. v&d

1.14. 14wk

1.14.1. review

1.14.2. blog post

1.15. 15wk

1.15.1. h-c 4final project

1.15.2. mw 4final project

1.15.3. t 4final project

1.15.4. e 4final project

2. NortonTxtbk

2.1. Handbook

2.2. ePortfolio

2.2.1. Digication

2.3. Research

2.3.1. Search engines Google Bing Ask

2.3.2. Wikipedia

2.3.3. WebMD

2.4. Genre

2.4.1. analyzing text

2.4.2. reporting info

2.4.3. arguing a position

2.4.4. evaluations

2.4.5. profiles

2.4.6. proposals

2.4.7. reflections

2.4.8. resume

2.4.9. mixed genre

2.5. Processes

2.5.1. writing as inquiry

2.5.2. collaborating

2.5.3. generating ideas&text

2.5.4. drafting

2.5.5. assessing your own writing

2.5.6. getting response and revising

2.5.7. editing and proofreading

2.5.8. compling and portfolio

2.6. Strategies

2.6.1. beginning and ending

2.6.2. guiding your reader

2.6.3. analyzing causes and effects

2.6.4. arguing

2.6.5. classifying and dividing

2.6.6. comparing and contrasting

2.6.7. defining

2.6.8. describing

2.6.9. explaining processes

2.6.10. narrating

2.6.11. reading strategies

2.7. Media/Design

3. ARG: Health Care

3.1. Narrative: Sick_Family

3.1.1. bios Max, 41 unemployed event manager for a local hotel jr. college AA degree communications father died from prostate cancer drinks abit too much Republican, voted for Obama blogger Milly, 37 diabetes some college: part-time nursing stdt dyed-in-the-wool Dem restaurant hostess youngest daughter of Ger&Fran facebook Bonnie, 17 math whiz loves Harry Potter plans to go to college next year plays field hockey tends toward anorexia flu Jed, 13 computer genius "hunter" in WOW abit over weight fantasy sports fanatic Pepper (dog) Jed's dog "nobody knows you're a dog on the internet" GP: Gerald&Fanny, 71/73 Franny has Alzheimers Gerald is a retired school teacher

3.1.2. wks 1st familyblog storyline 2nd 3rd

3.1.3. challenges something about Jed and ??

3.2. Interaction: Student agencies/depts (groups)

3.2.1. 1HealthCareReform issues political social papers #1reflections #2analyzing text #3evaluation #4argument/research misc assignmts view&dos grammar, etc

3.2.2. HealthAdvocacy 2Men's&Women's issues papers misc assignmts 3Children&Teen issues papers misc assignmts 4Elder Care issues papers misc assignmts

3.3. Challenges

3.3.1. cryptography--deciphering encoded text grammar games

3.3.2. write something to further the story

3.3.3. answer questions with key words that then unlock story elements

3.3.4. convince an in-game player to act a certain way or to provide certain information--use information gleaned from other characters

3.3.5. puzzle: players are presented with information, an interface, or a situation lacking context or explanatory information and must figure out what to do in order to surmount the challenge obscurity puzzles--searching through masses of information for patterns or specific data guessing passwords/subdirectories/URLs understanding and using unfamiliar and undocumented interfaces zotero

3.3.6. other locating real-world objects playing through a text adventure performing a special service for an in-game character identifying or completing literary references translating from an obscure language interpreting highly specific information or notation from a specialized field

3.3.7. questions? If I give a challenge what stops players from sharing the answer and thus not doing the work?

3.4. Tools

3.4.1. Blackboard entry gradebook post assignmts first/second google view&do

3.4.2. Diigo tags

3.4.3. Twitter

3.4.4. Google gmail docs 1st draft review draft reader subscriptions GoogleSites director's instr weekly narrative segments daily jing link to family blog search

3.4.5. Posterous reflection research journal

3.4.6. Digication personal page ePortfolio

4. syllabus

5. services

5.1. ChrystWrtgCtr

5.2. Ganser Library

5.3. Purdue OWL