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PS 334 --The Anderson School Online Learning Network by Mind Map: PS 334 --The Anderson School
Online Learning Network
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PS 334 --The Anderson School Online Learning Network

Google Apps for Education: Teacher Use

Class Pages

Post Assignments, Resources & Grades

Class Calendars

Class Discussion Forums

Curriculum Planning (groups/docs/sites)

Staff Sites

Admin Resources, PTA, SLT, Parent Coordinator

Student Accounts

share Google Docs with teachers

publish work on Docs/Sites

collaborate with classmates on shared Sites/Docs

submit assignments via Gmail/Sites/Docs

manage student portfolios, Student Portfolios, Keep a site with your best work

Parent Accounts

child-specific info

filtered parent-teacher contact

"one-to-many" communication

334 Public Web Site

334 public presence



general school info. and policies


Innovation Plan

Integrate tech to support curriculum

Use Smartboards to leverage Internet & Computers

Turn in assignments

Teach about technology's role in society

Use tech as it's used in the workplace

Use Renzulli Learning to leverage web Resources


NETS, Key Operations & Concepts, Digital Citizenry

Streamline school communication & administration

Google Apps for Education: Goals

Current Use

login: 2-3 times per week

check email

class pages

posting student assignments

houses public site

Long Term

student portfolios

paperless school

teacher online curriculum & communication

ATLAS Curriculum Planning

Integration in the Classroom


teachers with Raj's push-in help


building on scope & seq of skills

project-based skills


Raj schedules w/different grades through year

Tech Skill building


general computer use

student protfolio